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The installation portrays a personal library that represents the death of fragile, embodied memories. I make physical books encased in wax. Painted images of books entombed in semi opaque wax that distances the audience. The wax-surfaced table invites audiences to write their own memories on a temporal surface to be erased.


Lost Landscapes fragment, separate, and layer environments mimics how our brains rewrite memories by storing and retrieving data.

The Catalogue of Syringes represents the human body personified as well as an instrument affecting the body. Each specimen in the series represents a different state of either preservation or decay both physically and psychologically.


The Treat of Opulence series is based on human consumption getting out of control until it becomes a grotesque entity. Visuals of high class, sensual objects are juxtaposed with the raw, gritty to give a sense of discomfort intermixed with sensual.

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